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Abhi Patel July 07, 2011 Announcements

Today we have successfully completed all requirements for the Authorize.Net Certified Developer Program, demonstrating our compliance with the highest performance and security standards of the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway.

Authorize.Net Certified Developer

The certification increases the security and reliability of our solution offered to you (customers).The E-Commerce Solution offers you with advanced features like store management (add/delete/update products), multiple price based on role(Wholesale, Retail etc.), store promotions, variety of shipping options (USPS, UPS, Fedex, Flat Rate etc.), Content Management and more. Call 888-488-7287 to know more about E-Commerce Website Development.

Abhi Patel June 18, 2011 Announcements

We are proud to be associated with Drupal, be a registered member and officially support Drupal community. Drupal has played a key role in our success, helping us to deliver on our customer expectations consistently. It is time to pay back!

Pat's Marketing has been continually funding Drupal contributions in the past. Whenever we feel, someone in the community has helped us and we are in a position to pay them back; we do. We believe that is a great way to help each other and keep influencing the lives of our Drupal community members.


Go Drupal !!


Abhi Patel

Abhi Patel June 14, 2010 Announcements

Dear Customer,

Recently, we have had increased malware attacks on our servers due to security vulnerabilities in hosting company software/servers & application level security issues. We have talked to our hosting company regarding this & the possibility of providing malware scanning service but unfortunately they do not provide such service. While we are pro-actively working towards making sure that websites hosted on our server have higher levels of security to avoid any malware infection…..still hackers can take advantage of the security vulnerabilities in software as they discover it, & target to attack and infect a website with malware.

An infected website can be a huge threat to your online reputation. As an online marketing company, your online reputation is important to us. So we have decided to provide malware scanning & removal services for all customer websites using scanning software from third party companies like McAfee, Desiant etc. to name a few. The malware scanning & removal service will scan the website for any infections on a daily basis & alert our support staff in case of an infection. So in the worst possible scenario, even if the website gets infected, we can be informed at the right time & take appropriate measures to remove the infection & minimize the damage.

Here are the major considerations why we chose to offer a malware scanning service:

  • Malware damages your Online Reputation – Once the web visitor’s anti-virus software program alarms that your site is infected…they may loose the trust & confidence in surfing through your site or perhaps even in coming back to your site in future. This can damage your online reputation.
  • Malware affects Search Marketing – While Google & other search engines may not penalize your site for a malware infection in all situations, if Google spider discovers that your site is infected it displays a warning with a malware infection message to the visitor. This may lower the trust factor of the visitor on your site & they may think twice before opening your site in future. This affected your search marketing which inherently relies on building trust with the online visitor.
  • Malware may cause damage to web visitor’s computer – A malware may infect the web visitor’s computer if they do not have anti-virus installed on their system and cause inconvenience & annoyance to the visitor.
  • Malware is a possibility – In spite of taking steps to tighten application security, changing passwords at regular intervals etc….malware attack can be a possibility.

So before your online reputation can be at stake, consider investing in a malware scanning & removal service. The malware scanning service is priced at $25/mo per website (maximum 200 pages). In case of any infections, the malware will be detected and removed on the same day most likely within 4 to 8 hours of receiving the notification to minimize the impact on your site. The malware removal service is free if your site is hosted with us; otherwise a per occurence fee applies.

We hope to deliver better services to you & your company every day & this new service we are adding is one step further in that direction. If you have any questions, surely let me know. I look forward to your interest in this service to better manage your online reputation.

Thank you! for being a Pat’s Marketing customer.

Abhi Patel December 06, 2009 Announcements

USA based Carpet Cleaners can jump start their marketing with Ready To Go Websites that are pre-designed and pre-optimized to rank higher on search engines. Carpet Cleaners can lease a website starting $30/mo that is ranking already, brand it with their logo and start marketing in less than 2 days!


As a small business owner of a carpet cleaning company, marketing your business can be a challenge and often quiet expensive. It requires you possibly spend several thousand dollars to design a website, find the time to write content for it & have the budget to keep marketing it on search engines for better results. Even if you can, starting with a fresh website & getting it up to speed on search engines is a matter of at least 2-3 months or may be more. With Ready To Go Websites, all the background work of website design, writing content & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is already done to Save You Time & Money. All you have to do is to lease our unbranded website, brand it with you logo and start using it for your marketing. Simple as it sounds! Ready To Go websites are already optimized and ranking on search engines, so you can look forward to getting quicker and often instantaneous returns on your marketing dollars.

We have rolled out Ready To Go Websites for 50 cities already in the US and plan to add several hundred websites in near future. With less than a week since the launch, we have already started to get interest from carpet cleaners. San Antonio, TX based Rhino Cleaning Service ( leased 3 websites (, and 2 others) for expanding their marketing efforts on search engines. Similarly, we expect more businesses to start using Ready To Go Websites to cut down on their marketing expenses and costly Pay Per Click programs At $30/mo, even if you receive few calls, you will probably get a 10-12 times return on investment.

“If you are hesitant towards spending too much on marketing your business in this economy, Ready To Go websites by Pat’s Marketing can be an effective yet affordable option. You can lease a website at as low as $30/mo & start marketing your business on search engines almost instantaneously and for so long as you see fit.” says Abhi Patel, CEO of Pat’s Marketing.

If you are not going to consider taking advantage of Ready To Go Websites, your competitors probably will. So consider grabbing the opportunity first! You can contact Pat’s Marketing at (888)488-7287 to find out more on Ready To Go Websites.

Abhi Patel October 06, 2009 Announcements

Dear Customers:

Today we are proud to be approved by Better Business Bureau (BBB) to be an accredited business with an A- Rating. We constantly take steps to improve customer confidence in working with us and this is one more jewel in the crown. (

BBB membership is only available on invitation basis. The BBB Code of Business Practices represents sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business. The Code is built on the BBB Standards for Trust, eight principles that summarize important elements of creating and maintaining trust in business.

This Code also represents standards for business accreditation by the BBB. Businesses based in the United States and Canada that meet these standards and complete application procedures will be accredited by the BBB.

You may read more on BBB standards here -


Abhi Patel